Effective Marketing Pvt. Ltd. advises on and manufactures a range of corrugated paper, board and wooden products in both the industrial and consumer packaging sector.

Corrugated Boxes

We are one of the leading corrugated cardboard box manufactures in East India. The material used in the manufacturing of our corrugated carton boxes is of optimum quality that ensures high durability, tensile strength and resistance to adverse conditions. We specialize in laminated, heavy duty cartons.

Ply boxes

We design and manufacture ply wood boxes and pallets as per the customer’s needs and specifications. We specialize in packaging for export purposes of auto parts and other industrial products.



We are the authorised distributors of VCI Pouches and Sheets. We represent a multinational company and our products have worldwide acceptance. VCI Pouches are used for packing auto parts which ensure that the products remain rust free.

pet straps

Pet straps are used for strapping ply wood and heavy duty laminated corrugated boxes.

stretch film

We are distributors of high quality stretch film, widely used in palletisation of material and other packing requirements.


Poly Tubes and Bags

We manufacture industrial grade poly tubes and bags. These products are tailored to our customer’s needs.